Privacy Policy

The important part for the use is access point and collection of user's information while accessing to . The aim of this privacy policy is to inform user what information we collect on this site and keep such information secret and how to protect it.

Accessible URL to download a slideshare files

The accessible point of the website is only


By using you agree with privacy policy of the website and agree with terms and conditions

What information we collect?

There are only two parts where some information asked by user to provide, one is download slideshare url where it doesn't ask for personal information of the user instead it only takes reguired file url that user want to download. Other part is contact information where user fill required information such as name, surname, email and message. This part is very optional to user, means it only takes information when user have any query to send for website, in case of any help or issue.

Download Slideshare asks a url of that user want to get file at their PC or mobile, nothing else to download a file. (note: downlaod slideshare is not associated with

User can download a slideshare file without putting any personal information because you don't need to register an account in download slideshare to download a file.

How we use collected information

This tool is created for education purpose for the slidehsare lovers and it is providing output with less user information. Url of the slideshare link is the main request part of the site.
We use collected information to better the user experience in the following ways:

  • Analyze the user experience over the website.
  • Understand the missing features.
  • Develop new features .
  • Improve and expand the websites according to users.
  • Keep updates users with new development on the site.
  • Communicate with our users to ask permission for marketing and promotional updates.
  • Prevent spam or fraud.


We are not associated with any data affiliate websites, or direct information buyers. We don't sell, share or exchange any user's information that was entered into our website. We understand this is our duty to secure information of our users so we built high secure site code to prevent any kind of hack on the site.

Cookies and Web Beacon

Cookies is the most common feature to identify the user preference, interaction with different pages, as it is widely used among websites so we use also use it for the same purpose. It help us to analyze user's experience on the site, content and features. It only include visitor's browsers and such other information.

Child Safety & Information

Safe internet surfing of children is on our priorities and we encourage guardians, parents to look after their children while browsing stuff and provide guidance. It will help children to get the right content for their study.

Download slideshare doesn't take any personal information knowingly under the 13 years children. If we find any such information we immediately removes from our website. Also if parents or guardians think their children used donwload slideshare and entered some personal informtion they can contact us and we will take responsibility to remove it.

Policy Updates

We will keep updating privacy policy page if there is any new change.


Free free to send inquiries and question about privacy policy, please contact us here.

Note: To use of a downladed file doesn't means you own that content, you have to take permission from the owner who have the copyright of the content. Download slideshare is a only a brige between slideshare readers and slides and doesn't host any content. The request content is not copyright property of

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