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This tool is best to download Slideshare into PDF, PPT & images. The best part is you can customize the Slideshare presentation by selecting only your favorite slides. Download a Slideshare process completes in a few seconds with two steps only and your Slideshare file is ready on your pc or mobile phone.

Download Slideshare

Simply copy slideshare url and paste in above field.

Customizable Slideshare download feature


Selected Slides Only

Select any number of slides you want to have in PDF before downloading.

Re-Align slides

Customize the slide's position according to your needs before downloading.

Advantages Of Download Slideshare

HD Quality

Download Slideshare improves slides result by providing PDF slides in HD results for a better experience.


You get both options from Download Slideshare, PPT, and PDF to download. Both formats are compatible with all devices.

Easy to Use

Only one step(Copy link and past) require to download, and the download finish a within few seconds


Download Slideshare doesn't charge any money and it is free to use 100%.

Safe & Secure

Our priority is to provide safe and secure service for users, we don't share your download history.

Unlimited Downloads

This download tool provide you unlimited download, there is no time and download limit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why this Download Slideshare is a favorite tool for slideshare users?

Download Slideshare provides output within a few seconds, it is very fast, easy to use, and consists of only 2 steps to get Slideshare pdf.

How to donwload slideshare PDF/PPT to PC and mobile?

Slideshare pdf/ppt downloading is very simple, just follow 3 steps

> Copy the link from slideshare that you want to download in your pc or mobile.
> Paste the copied link in slideshare downloader text box above.
> Press the download button and your file is ready on next page.
> Next download page will show you either dowload complete slides or selected slides.
> Click to 'Download Now' button for complete slides downlaod & click to 'Custom download' button for selected slides.

Can I donwload single or multiple slides from download slideshare?

We introduced a great features that is user most favorite, user can download one slide or custom selected slide from a signle slideshare file. So user can skip extra slides that they don't like to keep in that PDF.
This feature is designed according to the user demand, we don't host any file.

Is the download slideshare free to use?

Yes! download slideshare providing free access to download pdf & PPT of slideshare and we don't charge any money to use this downloader, even customizing a slideshare slide is accessible free of cost.

Is there any number of limit to download slidesahre files?

There is no limit of download slideshare, you can send multiple request as per your needs on this slideshare downloader. Also there is no time limit of certain number of requests to download slideshare files.

Does this download slideshare works on all devices?

Slideshare download is compatible on all devices, provides best result in HD that increase user experience to read PDF.

Does donwload slideshare keep my download secret?

The best part of slidehsare downloader doesn't share any user's information and removes their downlaod history, even we don't create any secrect history in cache or session so everything on slidehsare download is safe and secure.

How To Download Slidesahre in two easy Steps

Step 1

> Open slideshare and goto your slide for download.
> Copy the complete link(url) as seen in screenshot.

how to step download slideshare presentation step 1

Step 2

> Paste the copied link(url) in the slideshare downloader box.
> On the next page it will show preview of file
> Click 'download now' button to start download in pc or mobile.

how to step download slideshare presentation step 2

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